Dales Radio from the Dales, for the Dales... YOUR Dales Radio.
Tune in on 104.9 amd 103FM in the Southern Dales, 936 AM in central Dales or listen online.
For more information: dalesradio.co
Drystone Radio is a non for profit organisation which broadcasts regularly to the dales with the aim of providing a voice for this community. For more information: drystoneradio.com
Stray FM (Yorkshire Dales) (formerly Fresh Radio) broadcasts across the Dales.  For more information: www.strayfm.com
BBC Radio York broadcasts across the Dales on FM 104.3.  For more information: www.bbc.co.uk/england/radioyork
Yorkshire Dales Radio was launched 4 May 1997 and re-launched in 1999 as Fresh AM, changed two years later to Fresh Radio (and changed in 2012 to Stray FM). Listen to a short fragment recorded in june 1997.
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